Metal Glass Media refers to the metal stands that hold the fusion glass fine art.

Metal Glass Media

Metal Glass Media refers to the metal stands that hold the fusion glass fine art.


The price per piece is derived by the amount of space it occupies in the kiln and the degree of difficulty in the composition. All the metal stands or window hanging frames are included in all the fusion glass fine art. The larger the piece the longer the firing times, therefore higher the cost.

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Brent has gleaned his knowledge of composition and design from his years of painting and now incorporates this into his glass art. He creates a unique perspective with both texture and color for a signature look. So bring your ideas and be involved in the creative process to have a one of a kind truly unique art piece.



Compositions are handcrafted therefore, no two designs are alike. If you choose to order a piece of fusion art, the landscape designs will be similar, but not exact. 

All pieces are available in various sizes.

1. Choose the design style that apeals to you,

2. Choose the size you are looking for,

3. Choose how you would like to display it and we can come up with a design just for you.

(The items shown are all one of a kind due to the creative process. No item orderd will be exactly as shown in regards to specific design.)


Prices on items will vary depending on the design and the quantity ordered. 


Wholesale prices are avilable for retailers. Call for pricing.

The products shown can be created in various sizes and special custom sizes. All items can either come designed for hanging or in a steel or copper stand. Call or email for details. 

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